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Keeps surfaces free of

bacteria and viruses,

by extending the life of chlorine-based disinfectants.

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A Match Made in

Cleaning Heaven

Using HaloFilm™ along with your favorite chlorinated disinfectant can extend your protection for up to a month.


How to Use HaloFilm

Step 1

Apply HaloFilm

Spray lightly over surface and let dry for 5 minutes.

Step 2

Apply Your Favorite Chlorinated Disinfectant

HaloFilm keeps you protected from germs for weeks on high-touch environments

GettyImages-863454254 (1).jpg
Step 3

Re-apply Chlorinated Disinfectant Per Usual

HaloFilm deters bacteria and viruses for up to 30 days.

How It Works

HaloFilm Extends the Life of Your Chlorinated Disinfectant.

Typical chlorine disinfectants only work for about an hour. But with HaloFilm applied first, your chlorine disinfectant will work 24 hours, keeping your surfaces safe from bacteria and viruses.

Without HaloFilm-1.png
With HaloFilm-1.png

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...And We're Just Skimming the Surface.

At Halomine, our team is diligently working to apply our technology to new products, including advanced wound dressings for the military and protective coatings for medical devices.


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